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Bachelor’s Degree at The Age of Just 9!

What class can a child attend in at the age of 9? At best, class three. But surely you cannot believe yourself what Belgian boy Laurent Simons is set to achieve at this age. This child genius is finishing Bachelor’s degree this December! He…

Robot That Can Help Users Fall Asleep

A group of student-cum-researchers have created a robot that can help users fall asleep by simulating rhythms or sounds akin to that of human beings. The creators of the robot called ‘Somnox’ hope that it will revolutionize in helping…

Economic Instability Harms Your Brain

There is a belief among mass people that when one goes through financially unstable situation, it affects his or her overall mental health. But a new study has not only proved this idea but also shown that someone’s particularly young…

Soon Your Finger Will Be Your Phone!

Could u ever imagine that you can use one of your fingers as phone? No, this can be an imagination no more. An Italian company called Deed & Get has made a smart device which will allow you to use your index finger as a phone! To speak…

Bees & Fish Can Talk To Each Other!

Fishes and bees can now be able to talk to each other? You got surprised by learning this information? Yes, it’s true. Scientists have developed a system that allow this two different species communicate with each other, reports Mail

Surprising Plant (video)

The plant in the video gets back to life from dead-like situation once it gets in touch with water. It is called Selaginella lepidophylla plant which comes from the Chihuahuan desert of the US and Mexico. But it has been dubbed the…

FedEx Bringing Delivery Robots!

American multinational courier delivery services FedEx is set to test a delivery robot that will be used to deliver courier to customers. After successful tests and approval from the authorities, the company will soon roll out a fleet of

Robot Teaches Chinese kindergarten Kids!

A type of humanoid robot called ‘Bingo’ has started teaching students at kindergartens across China. This type of robot, specialized in various subjects from science, English to even sports like golf, has already become very popular among