Read What a Spanish teacher Did to Make Anatomy Classes Interesting for Kids

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Teachers in general take different approaches and tricks to make their classes attractive and interesting for young students. Sometimes these strategies turn out to be successful, at times not. But what a third grader Spanish teacher did to make anatomy lessons more interesting to students possibly have gone beyond all others. The teacher named Veronica Duque (43) took classes wearing skin tight bodysuit showing human internal organs in broad details.

This action by Veronica Duque has created a huge buzz online pulling praises for her following posting of some photos of her taking classes in that fashion. These photos were posted on Twitter by her husband Michael, expressing his proud of wife. In the tweet Michael wrote in Spanish, ‘Very proud of this volcano of ideas that I am lucky to have as a woman.’ He added that the young students in the class simply got surprised seeing their madam in that extraordinary dress.

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Michael’s tweet, posted on December 17, has since drawn over 65,000 times and re-tweeted 13,100 times, with net-people praising the 43-year-old teacher for her resolute and creativity.

Veronica Duque has been teaching for 15 years. She always tries to make her classes interesting for kids. In order to go a bit further beyond her general tricks, she was looking for something different and innovative which she finally got while surfing internet. She came across a swimsuit called AliExpress online which went well matched with her desire to make anatomy class viable and fruitful.

As Veronica said, ‘I was surfing the internet when an ad of an AliExpress swimsuit popped up. So, knowing how hard it is for kids this young to visualize the disposition of internal organs, I thought it was worth giving it a try.’

Duque also teaches natural and social science, art, as well as English and Spanish. Source : Malay mail online.

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