Bees Can Perform Simple Mathematics!

Researchers Found that The Bees Can Do Addition & Subtraction

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Given tiny size, we normally consider bees to possess little intelligence. But according to a new study, this little insect has the capacity to do basic mathematics like human beings! A team of scientists at the French National Centre For Scientific Research did the study, reports Independent Online.

To carry out the research, scientists first gave training to a group of bees to recognize colors as symbols for either addition or subtraction. In the study led by Dr. Scarlett Howard, the researchers found that the bees were able to do addition and subtraction judged based on their color recognition.

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For long it was thought that math skills are unique to just human beings. But in recent times, several research has proved it wrong. These studies have shown that these skills are available across the animal kingdoms.

Chimpanzees, parrots and pigeons are among some creatures that have already showed their capacity to do basic mathematics like addition & subtraction. Now bees are the the latest addition to this list.

According to the study findings, basic math skills allow the bees to carry out complex processes in their brains, added the report.

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