Romanian Model-Cum Politician Lost Job For Being Too Beautiful!

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Claudia Ardelean (27) is a model turned politician in Romania. With nice look and intelligence, she won several beauty contests. Recently she landed herself an unpaid position on the board of a local hospital in Cluj city by the grace of National Liberal Party which she has involvement with.

But Ardelean’s hospital job sparked serious criticism and outrage on social media platforms. But why? Social media users in the country believed that she was given the job just because of her looks and beauty!

Following heavy backlash on social media, the authorities ordered Ardelean to resign from the job immediately which she followed suit. Her only fault behind losing the job is being so much beautiful which she said is one of the prejudices still prevalent in Romania.

According to local media reports, former beauty queen Claudia Ardelean got appointed to an unpaid position on the board of the Pneumophthisiology Clinical Hospital in the city of Cluj very recently.

Happy with getting the job, Ardelean, having a double degree in law and European ethics, posted a picture on social media to celebrate her success on February 8, 2021. In the post she wrote, ‘I am thankful for the trust and support of the Cluj National Liberal Party!’

As per media reports, this post, which was later deleted, received backlash on social media platforms as many netizens claimed that she was only given the role because of her glamour.

Romanian Model Claudia Ardelean
Romanian Model Cum Politician Claudia Ardelean (27). Image : collected

This mass outcry caused the board of directors on the Cluj City Council to change their decision as they asked Ardelean to resign with no delay.

Local media reports quoting Ardelean that she was understandably stunned by the board’s U-turn on her appointment and disappointed by the social media criticism.

A Local Daily Business Magazin quoted the model as saying, ‘some people’s reactions have been superficial. According to my CV, I have the necessary skills and education to justify my appointment to that position.’

The model-cum politician said, ‘by profession, I am a lawyer at a notary office, a double degree holder and a person who is in continuous professional training. I’m even an entrepreneur as I have my own hostess agency and event management company.’

Former beauty queen further added, ‘unfortunately, in Romania, there are still these prejudices. But I believe that beauty should not influence or hinder the professional career of people.’

On the other hand, the city council authority said that they had reversed the decision of appointing Ardelean to the position just to clear the air.  According to reports in local media, Cluj council president Alin Tise said that he felt bad for forcing Ardelean out of the job, but affirmed that it had to be done to avoid any suspicion or bad press regarding her appointment.

The report added, ‘from a professional point of view, Mrs. Ardelean has the necessary qualifications and proper training. Any other aspects that were presented in the press are related to her private life.’

It should be noted Claudia Ardelean has active hands in politics as she earlier served as a member of the Cluj National Liberal Party.—Malay Mail Online.


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