Robot Dog Koda Can Read Human Emotions & Act Accordingly!

This Machine Animal Can Understand & Respond To Multiple Emotional Needs Of Owners

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Humanity is witnessing more and more innovation on the back of advancement of technology. The latest to that is the robot dog ‘Koda’ which according to its maker can surprisingly sense human emotions in any situation.

In other words, koda is built in a way that it can respond to multiple emotional needs of its owner, reports AFP.

In terms of functions or abilities, it’s unlike any other artificial dogs like Sony’s cute and amusing Aibo or Boston Dynamics’ advanced Spot.

American startup and Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist namesake Koda has recently launched this amazing AI pet.

The Idea Behind :

The idea that has motivated to develop such a dog is to create and design one that could be as social & intelligent as possible and capable of fulfilling various demands of its owners.

What Functions It Can Perform :

Besides responding to emotional needs of owner, the dog can detect gas leaks or fires, can climb stairs, and even walk over gravel and ice among other qualities.

According to reports, Koda will soon be able to know if its owner is happy or sad.

The report adds that Koda can adapt to any emerging or given situation like playing with the kids, doing surveillance of the home or providing partially sighted persons with assistance.

Koda's interaction with Child
Koda is having interaction with a child. Image : collected

What Koda is like :

The length of it is 80 cm. It weighs 25 kg and can roam around up to 12 kmph. It is equipped with 3D depth cameras and a 13-Megapixel camera.

And what about its price tag? As per reports, one can buy it for around US$50,000. 

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