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How To Get Happiness At Work

Work environment is the key to employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. Now a new study suggests that expressing or receiving gratitude to and from colleagues can be good for you and the colleagues. This practice at workplace improves

USA Introducing New Student Visa Policy

International students in the USA or those planning to go there for study are likely to face a new hurdle as the Trump administration is expected to introduce a new policy regarding the duration of student visas. The proposed policy will…

Mink Is Behind Human Covid-19 Infections

What’s behind the human infection of the novel coronavirus still remains a mystery. But Dutch government now claims a mink may have infected a human with Covid-19. They have made this claim in a statement issued late on May 19, based on a…

Amazing Boy with IQ Score 142 at just 3!

A Malaysian kid, living currently in the UK and aged just 3, has scored an amazing IQ score of 142 on the Stanford–Binet Intelligence test. With this score, the boy named Muhammad Haryz Nadzim Mohd Hilmy Naim is set to be accepted by Mensa…
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