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Manners Parents Should Teach kids

Every parent wants his or her children grow up in a right way. They should try to imbibe good values into their little ones. Followings are the manners that parents must teach their kids to follow throughout their lives. Please :

UNICEF PARENTING TIPS amid Corona Pandemic

The deadly novel coronavirus, officially known as Covid-19, is putting its havoc across the world on all areas, forcing hundreds of millions of people stay home and keeping students out of schools. In this time of the corona pandemic, both…

Watching Cartoons Is Good For School Kids!

Simply every kid likes watching cartoons. They can remain glued to the TV screen watching their favorite cartoon series for hours. Even though having worries over the possible impacts of cartoons, parents nowadays tend to feed their little…

Do Not Let Your Kid Brush Alone. Why?

You usually let your kid brush his or her teeth alone? Then be careful as it carries risks relating to your kid’s teeth condition. According to a recent study carried out by US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, kids in general

LCC grads create startup to help startups

CUNY Startups assists students in launching their own ventures, through a four-month program that helps teams go from idea to pilot to launch. After successfully taking an early stage idea to a well-defined launch plan, LaGuardia Community…