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How to use modal verbs? (video)

Modal verbs play important role in English learning, particularly in spoken English. But most of us may not know how and when to use them properly. There are several modal verbs like can, could, may, might, must, should, ought to etc. They…

Mini Cheetah Robot (video)

A group of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, has created a robot cheetah which can do impressive things like doing 360 degree backflips. The robot with a size of a small dog can walk double speed than that of…

You Can’t Miss This Video

If you have got belief in yourself, then nothing would be able to deny you from getting success. Whatever the difficulties are, just keep faith in self & stick to your path and plan and move forward with hard work. On the journey, some…

It’s Time To Wake Up

Are you disappointed with your life, study or career progress? Do you think that you have failed in your life? No, there’s no way to feel so. You just need to take a minute break and think what’s going wrong with you or your attitude.…

Physics Tricks Science Students Must Watch

Studying science is always interesting and funny. Those who are studying science in secondary and higher secondary level, need to attend lab sessions and sometimes demonstrate what they have learnt in doing lab. Therefore, science students…

4 Key Ways To Make Questions

Having skills to form or make questions is an important part of getting fluency in English. Many of us may have good knowledge about English. But when it comes to making questions, most of us likely struggle. Therefore it is very very…

Things To Do To Speak English Fluently

We are Bengali speaking people. So it is quite natural that when we try to speak in English we in general get stuck and lose the speed. But we can easily overcome this obstacle. To have the expected fluency in English speaking, one may…

LCC grads create startup to help startups

CUNY Startups assists students in launching their own ventures, through a four-month program that helps teams go from idea to pilot to launch. After successfully taking an early stage idea to a well-defined launch plan, LaGuardia Community…
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