Siddheswari College Bachelor Admission 2024 : Application Deadline Feb 28

Available Subjects : Bangla, English, Social Welfare, Economics, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance & Banking, Botany, Home Economics etc.

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Siddheswari College Bachelor honors admission process for academic year 2023-24 is now underway with deadline to apply February 28, 2024.

Siddheswari College Ranking :

Siddheswari College is recognized as one of the best Colleges in National University College Performance Ranking. In addition, the college is an ‘A’ Category one under College Education Development Project (CEDP) of National University.

Facilities of Siddheswari College :

The college offers the following  advantages to its students :

  1. Hostels with all modern amenities.
  2. Multimedia Classrooms.
  3. Healthy Canteen
  4. Digital Central Library and Seminar.
  5. Computer Lab with internet connection.
  6. Scholarships opportunity both for good academic results and meritorious but poor students.

Siddheswari College honors admission Link :

Interested students need to apply through the following link :

Initial Application Fee :

The fee for initial application is Tk.350 which applicants can deposit till February 29.

Aspiring students can take the chance of ‘Free online Application Form Fill-up and Downloads’ if they apply through ‘Help Desk’ available inside the college campus. This opportunity is available from 10 to 3 pm every day except public holidays.

Siddheswari College Bachelor Honors Subject List :

The college has the following subjects for bachelor honors level study : Bangla, English, Islamic History & Culture, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Social Welfare, Economics, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance & Banking, Botany and Home Economics, Zoology, Psychology and Mathematics. 

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Siddheswari College Website :

For any more information regarding the college and admission process, students can visit the following website :

Siddheswari College Bachelor (Honors) Admission Circular 2024 :

For additional information, admission aspirants need to see the circular available below :

Siddheswari College bachelor admission circular 2024

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