Mission English : Meanings & Usages Of ‘Heavyweight’

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Every single word in English plays the ‘role of a sea’. So as part of our campaign ‘Mission English’, today we have put up meanings & usages of the word ‘Heavyweight’. 

Different Meanings & Usages Of ‘Heavyweight’ :

A. Primarily, it is a word that is mainly used in the game ‘Boxing’, which means a competitor who weighs more than 79.5 kgs and is in the heaviest group in the game. Look at the sentences below : 

1. Late Mohammad Ali was one of the world’s renowned heavyweights (boxers).

2. Heavyweights earn enormous amount of money by winning just a single bout.

Besides its use in the boxing, the word ‘heavyweight’ has lots of other usages as well. Please learn other meanings of it, given below :  

B. Heavyweight means ‘someone who has a lot of power in a particular business or activity. Look at the examples below : 

1. Former US President Donald Trump is still a political heavyweight in the Republican party even after his presidency.

2. Mark Zuckerberg is a tech heavyweight in the world.

3. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is truly a global political heavyweight. (An influential figure in the global politics).

3. Virat Kohli is a cricketing heavyweight.

C. Heavyweight means ‘an extremely successful and powerful person or company.’ See the sentences below :

1. Facebook is no doubt a heavyweight in the global social media network.

2. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a heavyweight when it comes to politics in Bangladesh. Or PM Sheikh Hasina is a heavyweight politician in Bangladesh. (Used as an adjective).

D. Heavyweight means ‘an important person.’ Look at the sentences given below : 

1. All the city heavyweights are going to attend the dinner hosted by city Mayor.

2. Business heavyweights play a vital role in making policies for different economic sectors in a country.

Final Words : The word ‘heavyweight’ can be used both as noun and adjective. As mentioned earlier, only knowing or learning meanings of a word or phrase is not adequate. You have to learn how they are applied in a sentence as well in order to learn English properly. Good Luck!

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