Job & Admission Test Prep : Cornerstone, Panacea & Flagship Word Meanings

Learning How To Apply A Word In Sentences Carries The Equal Importance To Knowing Its Meanings

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In order to help you better prepare for exams—be it job test, university admission test or anything else, we from now on will regularly put up contents on English language. As part of that, we provide meanings and applications of the words Cornerstone, Panacea & Flagship.

What Does Cornerstone Mean?

The word ‘cornerstone’ is a noun which means ‘an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based’.  Look at the following examples :

  1. Increasing salary of government employees is a cornerstone of the election manifesto of the ruling party ahead of the next general election.
  2. Programming language Python serves as the cornerstone of most of AI since it is a basic yet strong language.
  3. Nowadays camera is the cornerstone of all modern smartphones.
  4. Human value is the cornerstone of a civilized and developed society.
  5. To remain true and neutral is the cornerstone of the fourth pillar of the society—the media.
  6. Introducing a national minimum wage remains the cornerstone of policy of the government in the face of ever-increasing inflation.

Cornerstone Synonym :

Some synonyms for the word cornerstone are foundation, basis, keystone, mainstay linchpin, bedrock, main ingredient, central component, centerpiece etc.

Flagship Word Meanings :

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word ‘Flagship’ means the best, largest or most important product, idea, building, items etc. that an organization or company owns or produces.

In other words, it means ‘the best, largest or most important one of a group of things. See the examples below :

  1. The Uttara outlet is the flagship store of Aarong, a giant consumer product chain-shop in Bangladesh.
  2. Television is the flagship product of Walton Electronics, a giant electronics products manufacturer in Bangladesh.
  3. This device is the flagship in our new range of electronics products.
  4. Apple’s store in Mumbai is the flagship retail outlet in South Asia.

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Synonyms for Flagship :

Some synonyms to the word ‘flagship’ are head, chief, bellwether, forerunner, leader, pacesetter, front runner, trailblazer etc.

Panacea Meaning :  

As a noun, it means ‘a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases’. Look at the examples below :

  1. There is no panacea in resolving the crisis between Russia-Ukraine.
  2. Sleep is considered a panacea for all sorts of illness.
  3. Education is the panacea for all social disorders or chaos.

Panacea Synonyms :

A few synonyms for the word are cure, relief, answer, prescription, recipe, elixir, catholicon, nostrum, remedy, magic formula etc.

Final Words :

Knowing just the meanings of any word is not enough to learn it completely. Learning how to use them properly in sentences and in everyday conversations is equally important. If you can practice this way, then you will surely be able to achieve command over the language, both in spoken and written formats. Towards that, we are here for you always. Good Luck!

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