Job/Exam/Spoken English : Meanings & Applications of Some Common Phrases

This Article Covers Meanings of These Phrases : Hit Up, Single Out, Turn The Corner, Sleep On It, Get Along, Hold One's Breath

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In order to help you better prepare for job/exam/spoken English, we have discussed meanings and applications of some phrases like Hit Up, Single (someone/something) Out, Turn The Corner, Sleep On It, Get Along etc.

Hit (Someone) Up Meaning :

This phrase means ‘contact someone.’ It can also mean ‘ask someone for something, typically money‘ (informal use).  Read the examples below :

  1. Just hit me up whenever you feel any support or help.
  2. If you got the talent that we are looking for, then just hit us up through or one the hotline.
  3. If you need any cooperation when it comes to learning guitar, then do not hesitate to hit me up.

Single (Someone/Something) Out Meaning :

This phrase denotes ‘to choose one person or thing from a group for special attention, especially criticism or praise’. See the examples below :

  1. It’s unfair the way my sister is always singled out for special treatment.
  2. I was just thrilled when my daughter was singled out by the organizer as an anchor for the event.
  3. Russia has recently singled out Finland by freezing its embassy and consulate’s account in Moscow in a protest against hostile actions.

Go Through Something Meaning :

It means ‘undergo a difficult period or experience’. It also refers to ‘search through or examine something, especially methodically.’. Look at examples below :

  1. The ordinary people in the country are now going through hardship due to regular price hike of essential products.
  2. For details, please go through the guidelines on how to apply for the job.

Go Through Something Synonyms :

Some words that refers to the same meanings as the phrase are undergo, experience, face, suffer, be subjected to, live through, endure, tolerate, cope with etc.

Hold One’s Breath Meaning :

It means ‘be exited, anxious, worried, concerned (about something). Or it can mean ‘waiting anxiously or excitedly for something to happen’. See the examples below :

  1. Rohingyas were holding their breath in the eve of the cycle Mocha.
  2. The whole world is holding its breath over Ukraine’s long-awaited counter-offensive against Russian forces.

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Turn The Corner Meaning :

It means ‘pass the critical point and start to improve.’ Look at the examples below :

  1. It seems Russian economy has turned the corner despite series of sanction by the west over its aggressive actions in Ukraine.
  2. Tourism industry across the world has turned the corner and things are looking up since the improvement of covid-19 situation.
  3. Political life of Syrian President Bashar al Assad seems to be turning the corner since his country’s re-entry into the Arab League.

Turn The Corner Synonym :

These words means similar meanings to the phrase : Improve, get better, pick up, look up, perk up, rally etc.

Sleep On It Meaning :

This phrase means ‘To wait before making a decision or delay making a decision on something’.  In other words, it means ‘think thoroughly about something before making a decision‘. See the following example :

  1. I think you do not need to hurry on the proposal that you have received recently from the new partner. Just sleep on it now and provide a response later.
  2. Why are you getting excited over what’s going on in the commodity market these days? Just sleep on it now!

Get Along (With Someone or Something) Meaning :

It means ‘Be Friendly.’ See the sentences below :

  1. Nowadays majority of women cannot really get along with their mother in-laws and vice-versa.
  2. Why cannot you get along with any new colleagues? I think it is psychological problem with you!
  3. My son, always try to get along with fellows (fellow students or classmates).

To sum up, practice, practice, practice is the key to gaining command over effective uses of English phrases in our everyday communication, both casual and formal. Everything will for sure turn smooth if you can practice English things regularly. Good Luck!

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