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    Try Some English Phrases and their Vital Usages

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    Try Some English Phrases and their Vital Usages

    Planet desk | 01 February 2020 | 2:31 pm

    Phrases are an important element of English language if one wants to learn the language effectively. In terms of both verbal and written communication, their uses are widespread. in learning them properly, one needs to be careful of their usages as this is the most important when it comes to practical application. Let us try to get a knowledge on some phrases in today’s lesson.

    A. Wind down (phrasal verb of wind)
    Meanings : To bring something gradually to a close or end or bring something down step by step. Look at the sentences below :
    1. Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle announced earlier that she would wind down her royal duties following her exit from the British royal family.
    2. Hopefully the fear around the outbreak of China’s new coronavirus would wind down over the passing of time as scientists in different countries are trying to devise cure to the disease.

    B. Ward off something.
    Meanings : To prevent an illness or danger from affecting or harming someone or something else. Read the sentences below :
    1. Governments across the globe have taken various measures to ward off China’s flu-like coronavirus in the wake of dealth toll of at least 260 plus 12k infections globally.
    2. The Pakistan government has approved a national action plan to ward off the threat of Locust (an insect) attacks looming across the nation.

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    C. Come apart
    Meanings : To cause something to break or break into pieces, fall apart. See the examples as follows :
    1. Experts expressed concern that Singapore’s perfect economy model could come apart in the wake of global economic slowdown and dull domestic markets.
    2. The glass just came apart when I touched it. I just got surprised witnessing the scene.

    D. Piss off
    Meanings : Tell someone in a rude way to leave or go away. Look at the examples below :

    1. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the social media giant’s new approach would piss off a lot people from the network.
    2. Why don’t you just piss off? You have already made lots of troubles for the company.

    E. Double Down
    Meanings : (Of someone) to become more tenacious (firm) or resolute in a position or action, and to double the efforts. See the examples below :
    1. The administration needs to double down on the call for political reform
    2. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has instructed the authorities concerned to double down efforts to figure out the duties of Prince Harry who earlier announced his exit from royal duties.

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