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All Practical Uses of The Verb ‘Do’

The verb ‘Do’ has a huge number of practical uses and meanings in English. Once you know all of them, you will simply get surprised! Hopefully you cannot wait anymore to learn! First of all, we should know that the verb ‘do’ can

Learn English Word Daily : Flagship

If you want to learn English better, then you have to develop your knowledge on it gradually and steadily. Being an important part, building vocabulary plays vital role. As part of our campaign ‘Learn English, Build Life’, we put up a word…

Different Uses Of The Word ‘Off’

The word 'Off' can be used as preposition, adverb and adjective. It has a long list of meanings and uses in our casual and non-casual livings which are discussed in details in this lesson of learning English. It should be noted

Important Uses Of Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Modal auxiliary verbs play huge role in spoken English. Modal verbs like can, could, may, might are used in various ways with different meanings. In today’s lesson, we discuss different uses of the modal verbs. Uses of Modal