16 Most Beautiful English Words

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Language is beauty, language is form. It is expressed through sounds made of words. Well, there are some words that sound rhythmic. Today we have put up 16 most hauntingly-beautiful words in English language. 

Hiraeth (noun) : A longing for a home we can’t return to, or that never existed.

Sonorous (adj.) :  An imposingly deep and full sound.

Serendipity (noun) : The chance occurrence or development of events in a beneficial way.

Petrichor (noun) : The pleasant, earthy smell after rain. Pronounced as pet-ree-kawr.

Iridescent (adj.) : Producing a display of rainbowlike colors. Pronounced as iree-des-ent.

Luminous (adj.) :  Giving off a bright, shining light.

Phoenix (noun) : An ancient bird from mythology that sets itself on fire at the time of death and then is reborn from its ashes.
Lullaby (noun) : Music or song that puts you to sleep.

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Rendezvous (noun) : A meeting or an appointment at an agreed time and place.

Willow (noun) : A particular tree growing in temperate climates.

Sumptious (adj.) : Lush, luxurious. Pronounced as sump-choo-us.

Mellifluous (adj.) : Sweet-sounding. Pronounced as mel-iff-loo-us.

Evanescent (adj.) : Vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time. Pronounced as eev-uh-nas-ent

Elixir (noun) : A life-affirming, magical potion. Pronounced as eh-lix-ur.

Reverie (noun) :  The state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts.
Ancient (noun) : Belonging to a distant past. 

Language is unique. Besides being a primary tool for communication between living beings, spoken language has been used, modified and shaped for centuries for purposes other than just communication. We think and feel with language, we express with language.

Poetry, one of the most purest and heartfelt art forms, is made up of words and sounds, the main components of language. Our deepest of sensations, our wildest passions, and our most profound emotions only make sense with language. 

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