Robot Teaches Chinese kindergarten Kids!

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A type of humanoid robot called ‘Bingo’ has started teaching students at kindergartens across China. This type of robot, specialized in various subjects from science, English to even sports like golf, has already become very popular among school children, reports Mail Online.

Ming Haibo, a PhD degree in Computer Science, is the founder of Ai Bingo (Love Bingo), a tech firm which has developed the robotic teacher Bingo. Dr. Haibo started developing the robot, powered by Artificial Intelligence, three years back with his team. Ming, aged 36 and a father of two, started his business with development of a robot that teaches children at home.

Ai Bingo now has two types of Bingo robot teachers. One type is designed to teach kindergarten students and sold for 29,800 Yuan (3,400 Pound). The other type do their job helping children with their study at home. The retail price of this kind of robot is 1,199 Yuan (136 Pound).

The world’s second largest economy China has serious shortage of kindergarten teachers. In 2016, the country reviewed its long standing one child policy, allowing families to have up to two children. Particularly since then, teacher shortage at kindergartens has started surfacing. With a view to tackling this situation, authorities concerned have decided to apply robotic teacher Bingo at kindergartens.

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