Mink Is Behind Human Covid-19 Infections

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What’s behind the human infection of the novel coronavirus still remains a mystery. But Dutch government now claims a mink may have infected a human with Covid-19. They have made this claim in a statement issued late on May 19, based on a research into infections of the virus at mink farms in the country.

The government statement reads, ‘on the basis of new research results from the ongoing research into Covid-19 infections at mink farms, it is plausible that an infection took place from mink to human. It also appears from this research that minks can have Covid-19 without displaying symptoms.’

Following the result of the research, the government is now introducing mandatory antibody testing at all mink farms in the Netherlands.

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It is thought by the government that cats have played a role in the spread of the virus in mink farms in the country. As the statement also reads, ‘ongoing research shows the viruses at two of the infected farms are very similar. Covid-19 was found in three of 11 cats at one mink farm, added the statement.

As per the Worldometer, the novel coronavirus has infected more than 44k people in the Netherlands including at least 5,748 deaths. Source : CNN

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