Malaysians Believe Ageism Is a Hurdle to Getting Work Opportunities

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Malaysians believe that age plays a vital role in getting job opportunities in existing economic situation. In other words, they see age is a barrier to availing opportunities in job markets, finds a study by professional social networking platform LinkedIn.

To carry out the research, over 30k respondents in 22 economies globally, including 1,050 in Malaysia, are surveyed between September and October last year. And the purpose of the study was to understand how people perceive opportunity and more importantly, the gaps in ensuring those opportunities.

The study findings show that both Gen Z (those between the age group of 18 and 22) and millennials (people between 23 and 38 years old) believe they are falling behind in getting work opportunities given the lack of experiences that come over ages.

The LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2020 finds that 40 percent of Gen Z and 21 percent of millennials are in the opinions of being desisted by their lack of work experiences.

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Concurrently, the index also finds that 33 percent of Malaysian Gen X (individuals within the age group of 39 to 54 years old) and 45 percent of Boomers (those between 55 to 65 years old) opine that they are having difficulties in coping up with tech transitions going on in work spaces.

As per research findings, nearly 90 percent of Malaysian surveyed believe that desire to adopt to changes and working hard are essential to achieving better opportunities this year. But 77 percent of Malaysians believe that education is important if they want to get ahead in life.

Against the backdrops, LinkedIn Asia Pacific Managing director Olivier Legrand made a call to businesses to accept this first-time four generation workforce as an opportunity for growth and development irrespective of their age gaps. As he said, ‘for the first time, four generations are working together. It’s time for businesses to set aside hiring biases against age, and embrace the multi-generational workforce as an opportunity.’ Source : Malay Mail Online

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