Workplace Romance : What A New Study Finds About IT

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Everyone must agree with the phenomenon that workplace romance is not an alien thing. However, according to a research, cases of office romance have decreased. The research is carried out by Direct Line, a London-based insurance company.

The study is conducted on the heel of the beginning of so called #MeToo movement and a large number of women came forward and took to social media platforms to share their experiences at workplaces.

The research gets supports from human resources professionals who also admitted that workplace romances are less frequent now in the wake of the movement.

In the research, the researchers found that in the UK around 75 per cent of the office goers admitted that they kept their workplace affair a secret from the HR department or their managers though 50 per cent of them admitted of being romantically involved with a colleague in the past.

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Interestingly, the researchers also found that one out of 20 companies in the UK banned romantic relationships between staffers working in the same office. In the existing scenario, more companies are coming up with ‘no-dating in office’ policy.

What experts say On Workplace Romance : 

According to relationship experts, workplace romances aren’t uncommon but people should know where to draw the line. They should not let their romantic relationship affect their professionalism or vice versa. But striking the right balance is not an easier task! 

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