Watching Cartoons Is Good For School Kids!

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Simply every kid likes watching cartoons. They can remain glued to the TV screen watching their favorite cartoon series for hours. Even though having worries over the possible impacts of cartoons, parents nowadays tend to feed their little ones with TV on. There’s been long perception among parents that watching cartoons not only damages children’ eyes but also causes other negative impacts on them. But quite a relief to the concerns of children’ guardians, a new study shows that watching cartoons does not affect children negatively rather it is good for the proper development of them. You got surprised! It should be!

The study is carried out by the Department of Evolutionary Psychology and Education at the University of Basque Country, a Northern Spanish university, involving school children aged 8-12 years old. In the study, media consumption of kids was examined. The results showed that both narrative and non narrative cartoons have positive impacts on children. Watching cartoons can boost their moral reasoning; comprehension, reception and memory power, storytelling skills and values as well.

In particular, kids who were allowed watching narrative cartoons in the study provided longer and detailed accounts of what they watched. On the other hand, those who watched non-narrative cartoons gave changed and shorter accounts of the same.

Yet researchers are for the opinion that there should be a limitation on how many hours children can watch cartoons since various studies already found out that watching TV for a long time was bad for all, let alone kids.

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