UNICEF PARENTING TIPS amid Corona Pandemic

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The deadly novel coronavirus, officially known as Covid-19, is putting its havoc across the world on all areas, forcing hundreds of millions of people stay home and keeping students out of schools. In this time of the corona pandemic, both school going children and their parents can engage themselves in learning activities at home. Given this situation, the UN’S children, education and cultural agency UNICEF has provided some tips for parenting which may come handy for parents who wish to take care of their children. Let us see what the tips are :

One-on-One Engagement : Despite hectic lifestyle, always try to put aside some time for your little ones. You can sing a song or read a story for toddlers. For younger kids, helping with their homework, doing a chore together or going for a walk could interest them. With your teenagers, do exercise together, talk about their interests in different fields such as sports, music or films. These leisurely activities will not only give you a break from daily business but will also help you bond better with your kids.

Try Keeping It Positive : Maintaining a positive mood always while trying to have a balance between office work, kids and family might be hard. So UNICEF recommends parents to use positive words while telling kids what to do and what not. Praise your child when they are well behaving, speak in a calm voice and help your teens stay connected through social media. These are a few tips which will help you maintain a positive environment at home.

Get Organized : UNICEF recommends parents to sketch out a routine for themselves and their kids. This will help parents keep a track of the activities they do throughout the day. The routine will help kids maintain a balance between their different activities such as their studies, hobbies and fun time.

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Beware of Behavior : It is normal for a kid to get cranky, irritated and tired after being at home for long time. In order to distract them from boringness, try to get them engaged in other funny and learning activities. Go out for a walk around your house wearing protective gears. If you feel bored and angry, take a pause for 10-15 seconds and breathe heavily in & out. These activities will surely help you in cooling down quickly.

Stay Calm and Tackle Stress : Keeping calm throughout in these stressful times can be tough. Keep this in mind that you are not alone. Almost everyone around the globe is going through a similar thing and we all are going to come out of this together. Give yourself a break and set aside some time to do something relaxing and fun. Close your eyes and navigate your thoughts. Give your thoughts a positive direction along with giving yourself a pep talk about happier things.

Light Discussions on The Virus : Talk to your kids about COVID-19. They might be having a lot of questions and queries going around their head regarding the pandemic. Make sure you listen to them and give them their answers. Take your information from trusted sources and educate your kids regarding it. Instill some confidence in your kids that they can come and talk to you regarding anything and everything of the virus and its impacts.

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