Things You Should Tell Your Child’s Teacher

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When it comes to keeping a private tutor for your child, you have to tell several things about your little one beforehand to the prospective teacher or the school authority. As your child do not know anything about your child, so it’s your duty to inform him or her about your child’s liking, disliking, hobbies, characters etc. By knowing these things on your child in advance, the teacher alongside you will definitely be able to improve your child’s performance or needs.

Things You Should Tell Your Child’s Teacher :

Health condition (if any) : No one knows better than parents about children’s health status. Whether or not your child is going through any specific health condition, the teacher or school management should be known about it. This can help prevent any untoward incidents to your child.

Family Issues : Family affairs always have strong impacts on litte one’s mind. So whenever any family issues goes on, keep in mind that the teacher or the school must be informed about the situation that your child can be dealt with easily and satisfactorily.

Personality : Every child has got different personality like yours. And you know about it better than anyone else. So make sure that the private tutor or the school teachers are aware on that. Thus the teacher will be able to better handle your child.

Temperament : Temperament and personality are not the same things as many people consider them. Temperament is the innate traits or characteristics that your child like other persons has got. He or she has shown from early life on in life and has stayed quite the same in all situations. Things that fall into temperament include like how active your child is, how easily he or she adapts to new situations, how much sensory input he or she can take among many. Your child should be dealt with in line with his or her temperament. So what natural traits your child has got is important to be shared with the teacher because it will be easy for them to manage and teach your little one properly.

Strengths & Weakness : Parents know which subjects their children are is good in. he or she may be good in mathematic, but bad in English. When it comes to schooling or private tutor, tell all these things to the teacher or the authority concerned. Thus your child’s teacher will be aware on that and pay more attention so that your child’s weakness in the specified subjects can be removed.

Learning Style : Basic education to children is generally imparted at home by their parents. So they must know or have got knowledge about the way or style their children feel comfortable or easy to learn anything through. Say your child prefers to learning through video or visual method. So when it comes to sending your child to school or having a private tutor for him or her, inform the teacher or the school authority about this beforehand.

Special Interest (Hobbies) : Inform the teacher that your children have got interests in or liking for like painting or dancing. If the teacher has got knowledge about the child’s hobbies then she or he can also motivate your child to improve his or her interests in the subjects and take part in such activities occurring at school or at any social programs.

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