Practical English : Uses of Some Phrases

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Learning English is not an impossible thing if one has solid passion and hardworking mentality. To learn the language effectively one needs to have commands over all aspects of the language including phrases. Below are the uses of some phrases used widely in our casual conversation.

A. Rev up :
Meanings : To become more active or make something more active. Please see the examples below :

  1. Alarmed by increasing number of deaths and infections, the government has revved up measures to contain the covid-19 spread in the country.
  2. The Tigers are revving up in their preparation ahead of the ICC T-20 World Cup tournament expected to be held in Dubai this year.
  3. Preparation for exams in general revs up ahead of the schedules.

B. Hand In Something :
Meanings : To give something to someone in authority. Look at the sentences below :

  1. Tomorrow I am going to hand in resignation letter to the CEO after being in the job for the last ten years.
  2. You urgently need to hand in a complaint to the boss protesting harassment by colleagues.

C. At Will :
Meanings : At whatever time or in whatever way one pleases or wants. See the sentences below :

  1. Private hospitals in the country are charging covid-19 patients at will (as whatever they wish).
  2. You should refrain from going out at will amidst the ongoing lockdowns centering the covid-19 disease.
  3. Business in China cannot do anything at will in the face of constant watch from the authority.

D. Saddle Someone with (Something) :
Meanings : To burden someone with something. See the examples below :

  1. Covid-19 resurgence in most countries saddles the governments with extra financial pressure when it comes to vaccination.
  2. A string of ransomware attacks involving government infrastructures saddles President Joe Biden with national security crisis.

E. Shore Up (something) :
Meanings : To support something. Please see the below examples :

  1. Narendra Modi Government in India has renewed its stance to shore up Bangladesh government in the fight against Covid-19 illness.
  2. Joe Biden has reassured the western governments that it would surely shore up their journey towards strengthening democratic values in the face of undemocratic challenges from some countries.

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