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16 Most Beautiful English Words

Language is beauty, language is form. It is expressed through sounds made of words. Well, there are some words that sound rhythmic. Today we have put up 16 most hauntingly-beautiful words in English language.  Hiraeth

Practical English : Uses of Some Phrases

Learning English is not an impossible thing if one has solid passion and hardworking mentality. To learn the language effectively one needs to have commands over all aspects of the language including phrases. Below are the uses of some

Different Uses Of The Word ‘Off’

The word 'Off' can be used as preposition, adverb and adjective. It has a long list of meanings and uses in our casual and non-casual livings which are discussed in details in this lesson of learning English. It should be noted

Important Uses Of Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Modal auxiliary verbs play huge role in spoken English. Modal verbs like can, could, may, might are used in various ways with different meanings. In today’s lesson, we discuss different uses of the modal verbs. Uses of Modal

Interesting Uses Of The Verb ‘Get’

The verb 'get' has widespread uses and lots of meanings. We can use it to express almost everything! It is used as a main verb alone with various interesting meanings. It also can be used with a variety of prepositions to form phrasal