Important Uses of The Phrasal Verb ‘Check Out’

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The phrasal verb ‘Check Out (something)’ has four important meanings and uses which are discussed in our today’s lesson under our campaign ‘Mission English’.

A. To Express ‘Pay For Something’ :
The phrasal verb ‘check out something’ is used to ‘pay for something’ by going to a designated place usually at a chain shop. Look at the sentences below :

  1. First you should check out for what you have bought and then you can leave the store.
  2. Where’s the point please to check out? (you are asking for the place where you can go and pay for what you picked already).
  3. Have not you checked out yet? Please get hurry!!!

B. To Express ‘Examine Something or Visit A Place In Order To Learn About It’ :
We can use ‘check out something’ to refer to ‘examine or visit an area or something to learn about it’. See the examples below :

  1. You can ‘check out our products’ first. Then decide whether or not you will buy. Ok.
  2. Out platform is education-intensive one. You can ‘check it out’ anytime for more.
  3. Don’t forget ‘checking out our online version’ as it is full of all latest information.

C. To Express ‘To Decide or Discover If Something True or Not’ :
We can use this phrasal verb ‘to find out, decide or discover if any information or anything true or not’. Look at the sentences provided below :

  1. The government is sending a delegation to check out what actually happened at Saltha Upazila in Faridpur early this month of April, 2021.
  2. The authority has launched an investigation to check out the rumors that covid-19 vaccine is causing severe illness among the elderly.

D. To Express ‘Borrow or Get Something’ :
The phrasal verb ‘check out’ is also used (especially in American English) to borrow a book or something else from a library or a place with a collection of books etc. Read the following sentences :

  1. Anyone above 14 can check out books or any educational products from the national library.
  2. If you become a member of the British Council, then you will be able to check out IELTS related books, CDs or DVDs for a certain period of time.

Final Words :Check Out’ is really an important phrasal verb given the above discussions. So you need more and more practice to get all the meanings of it into your brain. Good Luck!!

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