WHERE to USE the Preposition ‘At’ (second part)

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Preposition is a very important side of English language or any languages. It plays huge role in helping someone have command over the language. If one can have every inch of knowledge on it, they will surely be able to get fluency in the language, both written and spoken. But the uses of every single preposition are very different in meanings and quite subtle. So one needs to be clear on every of them. In today’s lesson, we are discussing the various important uses of preposition ‘At’. It is used in the following ways :

H. We use the preposition ‘at’ to refer to an email address. See the examples below :

1. Applicants need to post their CVs at 01642@gmail.com
2. You need to forward the report at the following mail at bd2007@gmail.com

I. We also use at ‘to indicate someone’s activity’. Read the sentences below :

1. She expressed anger at my behavior.
2. John laughed at my girlfriend’s childish behavior.
3. My mother is down at our younger sister’s action of not going to school today. (down means unhappy, depressed, sad)

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J. At is used to refer a time as well. Look at the examples below :

1. We are set to meet tomorrow at 5 p.m at a city hotel to discuss the matter.
2. A. When are you supposed to be there at the restaurant?
B.  I will be there just at 4 p.m. ok

K. We also use ‘at’ to refer to speed or rate of something. Look at the sentences below :

1. The prototype of world’s first flying motorcycle could run at 400mph.
2. The growth forecast for Bangladesh economy for current fiscal is set at 7.87 percent.
3. The possible interest rate for home loan will be at around 12 percent. 

4. India is likely to see the highest salary growth in Asia at 9.2% in 2020, according to the Korn Ferry Global salary forecast.

Attention : Remember prepositions are always followed by an object like a noun, noun phrase or pronoun which act as their objects. Well, if you like this story, then please share with friends and fellows on social media. For similar stories and others, please follow our platform https://campusplanet.net

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