WHERE to USE the Preposition ‘At’ (first part)

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Preposition is a very important side of English language or any languages. It plays huge role in helping someone have command over the language. If one can have every inch of knowledge on it, they will surely be able to get fluency in the language, both written and spoken. But the uses of every single preposition is very different in meanings and quite subtle. So one needs to be clear on every of them. In today’s lesson, we are discussing the various important uses of preposition ‘At’. It is used in the following ways :

A. We use ‘at to refer to position or location’. Look at the examples below :
1. I am sitting at my desk now.
2. Are you at office at the moment? Yes, I am (at office).

B. The preposition ‘at’ can be used to talk about locations at companies, workplaces when we see them as a place of activity. See the examples below :
1. How many people are working at Facebook?
2. I think there is a bit extra staff at this company now.
3. We have about 100 employees at the office.

C. It is used to refer to activities which involve a group of people. Look at the examples :
1. There were about 200 people at the programme.
2. How many people are expected to be present at the event marking the anniversary of our company?
3. At the seminar yesterday on Adolescents’ health, specialists and speakers emphasized on the uses of healthy sanitary products.
4. I was absent at my best friend’s birthday party held at a hotel in the city.

D. We use ‘at’ to refer to schools, colleges, universities. See the examples :
1. My daughter at her school now.
2. How’s is your life going on at the university?
3. At colleges, students and teachers try to share everything with each other.

E. We also use ‘at’ to refer to an address. Read the sentences below :

1. I live at road-6, house-4, block-b, Mirpur-12, Dhaka.
2. My family once lived at number 5 Rokeya Avenue Street.
3. My office is at flat 371/A, block-D, Bashundhara Residential area.
4. Our house is at 44 Park road, Manhattan, New York City.

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F. The preposition ‘at’ is used to mention a particular or specific place in a large area. Look at the sentences below :
1. The anniversary celebration took place at the Westin Dhaka in the capital. (refer to a particular place in the city)
2. We reside at Mirpur in Dhaka. (but we live in Mirpur)
3. My mother is receiving treatment at Apollo Hospitals in the capital.
4. The programme is scheduled to take place at National Museum at Shahbagh in the city.
5. The first T-20 match between India and Bangladesh took place at Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi.

G. We also use ‘At’ to refer to most shops where we go regularly to buy products or take services. Read the examples below :
1. Could you remember what we bought yesterday at the chain shop?
2. I think you had left the card at the shop where we went yesterday.
3. Wait here at this shop until I come back. Ok

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