Uber Extends Work From Home Policy Through June 2021

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Uber, an American multinational ride-hailing company based in San Francisco, California, has decided to allow its corporate employees to voluntarily work-from-home through June 2021 due to corona pandemic. The company announced in a statement on August 5.

Not only that, it will also provide them with a $500 stipend to assist them set up their home offices, says the statement.

The statement states, ‘as a company built on flexible working, we want to provide our team with flexibility, choice and longer term clarity so they can plan ahead.’

The statement further said that if local offices open before June 2021, employees would have the option returning to the office if they feel comfortable.

To this regard, whatever decision employees make will not affect their performance reviews, announces the company also.

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With the move, Uber has joined a long list of companies including Facebook, Google that have stretched their work-from-home policies into 2021.

The company has not announced any stipend for drivers during this time of corona pandemic. For drivers, it is offering financial assistance guides and a website for them to find other forms of employment if they are unable to make the same amount of money as they were in March before the pandemic. Source : Business insider

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