Apple’s New Education Tool : Apple Teacher Portfolio

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American tech giant Apple has unveiled a new tool for teachers to bring creativity to lesson and increase student engagement. The tool called ‘Apple Teacher Portfolio’ is launched on March 23, 2021, reports ETX Studio.

According to the reports, Apple Teacher Portfolio is a new professional recognition badge that educators can earn through the Apple Teacher Learning Center. They will have access to 21 templates and lesson ideas provided by the tech firm so that they can modify, improve and explore new ways of learning.

Educators will also be able to share this portfolio of work with leadership or other teachers, favoring collaboration.

Of the tool, Felecity Treptow, technology integration specialist at D.C. Everest Area School District in Wisconsin said in a reaction, ‘I’m excited to give this tool to teachers across our district so that they too can be proud of the work they create throughout their career and to see their learning journey through tangible artifacts’.

To note, Apple has another educational tool which is ‘Everyone Can Create’. This device has been updated to take advantage of the latest features of apps like GarageBand, Clip and iMovie, which are used in certain lessons, added the report.

According to Wikipedia, Everyone Can Create is a curriculum designed to help unleash kids’ creativity throughout their school day. This tool teaches students to develop and communicate ideas through drawing, music, video and photos on iPad.

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