Bolivia Cancels School For Rest of the Year

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Latin American nation Bolivia has been any way quite forced to cancel the school year for the rest of the year of 2020 due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The minister of the presidency Yerko Nunez announced this August 5 in a statement.

The government cites lack of internet connectivity across the rural area for the move. As a result, even online classes will not be taken place now.

According to Worldometer, there are now at least 83,361 cases of coronavirus including 3,320 deaths in Bolivia, a central South American country with a population of 11.35 million.

In the statement, the Minister said, ‘the school year is cancelled because the vast majority of rural areas do not have internet. The children do not have internet. The fiber optic system unfortunately only reaches the city.’

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Because of the decision, nearly 2 million students in the country won’t be able to attend either online or in-person classes until at least 2021.

As per a recent report from UNICEF, only 40% of Bolivian students are able to take classes online. So some feel Bolivia is giving up too easily by suspending school for the year while other countries, affected by the virus, find creative solutions to continue educational activities. Source : CNN

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