‘Romantic Relation’ Bad For Students’ Mental & Social Health!

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Nowadays there’s a serious tendency among adolescents worldwide to maintain relations while they are in school or college. They think that being able to do so, they are ahead of their fellows who are not in any relation in terms of social skills, modernity and mental health. But a new study has found that engaging in romantic relation is bad for overall well-being of teenage students. The study shows that teenage students with no engagement in any kinds of romantic relationship are good in social skills and have low depression compared to their peers involved in relations.

The research is conducted by a group of researchers at the University of Georgia. In the study, they examined about six hundred students from 10th grade. The researchers have carried out the study based on the levels of relation or dating—low, increasing, high middle school and frequent. In doing so, they have used teachers ratings and student questionnaires.

During the study, they found that teenagers with no involvement in a romantic relationship had good social skills and low depression. Those students also performed better or equal to those who had dating regarding mental health and social skills.

Interestingly, the experts have suggested one thing for schools or college authorities in line with the findings. They advised them to go for the approach of encouraging their students to refrain themselves from romance in order to help grow their healthy social and mental development.

Brooke Douglas, a professor at the university, has led the study. The ‘Journal of School Health’ has recently run the findings of the research. Source : Daily Mail Online.

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