Different Meanings Of The Word ‘Leave’ (1st part)

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There are many words in English which have got multiple meanings and usages. One of them is ‘leave’ which is mainly used as a verb. But it is sometimes used as a noun as well. This word has got so many meanings that once you know all of them, you will be surprised. In today’s discussion, the focus is set on the various meanings of this important word.
Uses of leave as a verb :
A. Leave means ‘to go away from a place or person temporarily or permanently : look at the sentences below :

1. The train is set to leave in five minutes. (meaning going away from a place).
2. The flight takes off at 5:30 in the afternoon.
3. My father left the world last year at the age of 75. (left the world permanently)

B. Leave means remain or to let something remain behind. See the examples :

1. Yesterday I left my money bag home.
2. The car accident has left a scar on his face.
3. Husband’s passing away so early left a long lasting effect on her mental health which was only deteriorating by the pass of time.

C. Leave means quit permanently. Let us see the examples below :

1. My younger brother left the job over salary disagreement. (leave means ‘quit permanently’).
2. Mr. Jon’s father left his wife over the issue of extra marital affairs five years back. Since then Jon is leading life on his own.

D. Leave means ‘not use all of something’ or to allow something remain in the same place, condition etc. see the examples below :

1. Please leave some biscuits for Mr. Fedric.
2. Is there anything left for me to take?
3. John, Leave some food for your younger sister who is at school now.

E. Leave means ‘to let something or someone stay or to let something be in a specified condition or state. Let us see some example :

1. These beautiful pictures of Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez will leave you stunned.
2. Please leave the window open.
3. I left the door to my home open yesterday. But fortunately there’s nothing unexpected happened.
4. Why do you always leave the laptop on when you go outside?
5. I have noticed that you always leave home lights on whenever you go out. That’s a very bad habit .

F. Leave means ‘to have as a remainder after subtraction or division’. Look at the sentences below :

1. If you take 2 from 4 then it leaves 2. (meaning subtraction)
2. If you divide 10 by 2, then it leaves 5.

G. Leave also means ‘to stop doing something’ or to leave a place as you have completed an activity. Look at the examples :

1. My younger brother left school at 15 due to an injury. (stopped attending school).
2. My brother left smoking at 35 when he suffered a massive heart attack. (stopped smoking since then).
3. One of my colleagues had to leave work over an extra marital relation.
4. My younger uncle left home (= stopped staying with his parents) at the age of 25.
5. Could you please leave this topic (= stop discussing on it) now?

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