Let Us Try To Learn Some Interesting Phrases

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Phrases play a big part in learning English deeply and fluently as they are used regularly in day to day conversation as well as in written purposes. If one can have a strong command over it then he or she will surely be able to deliver English easily. So in today’s lesson, let us try to learn some phrases that are used often in daily actions.

A. slither away
Meanings : To sneak or crawl away like a snake. Look at the examples below :
1. The python, found wrapping a Christmas tree at a house in Melbourne, Australia, just slithered away overnight silently.
2. The little lizards slithered away soundlessly.
3. The snake slithered away while my little daughter was still screaming.

B. Kick Off
Meanings : To become very angry; suddenly start an argument or fight. in British informal use. See the sentences following :
1. I don’t want the mob kicking off at me again.
2. A woman in Australia was alerted to the python’s presence in her Christmas tree by a batch of birds who were kicking off on the balcony observing the snake.
3. Do not allow anyone to kick off over any trivial matters.

C. See Red
Meanings : become very angry suddenly. It is used mainly informally. See the examples below :
1. The employees of Basic Bank Ltd, one of the state banks in Bangladesh, have started to see red as the authority decided to stash their salary due to chronic loss the bank is incurring.
2. Our boss sees red whenever anyone shows negative attitudes towards any task.

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D. Arise from or out of something
Meanings : To result from something or something created or caused by something else . Look at the sentences below :
1. Many issues have arisen from the passing of contentious Citizenship Amendment Act in India.
2. Burial space crisis in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, is arising from the city’s exponential population growth.

E. Freak out
Meanings : To suddenly become very surprised, angry or upset. See the sentences given below :
1. The kids in the class just freaked out witnessing their madam in skin tight bodysuit mapping out human internal organs.
2. The newly married couple freaked out finding a hole in a wall of their hotel bedroom.
3. The Christmas concert simply freaked out audiences at Times Square last year.

Attention : Phrases are not difficult to learn if you have regular practice. So try to give a bit time every day on this part of English language. Well, if you like this article, then do not hesitate to share with friends and fellows on social media. For more related stories, keep browsing the platform https://campusplanet.net

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