Gujrat Students Say Jai Hind Or Jai Bharat, Instead Yes Sir

The Authority Took The Move To Promote Patriotism Among Students From An Early Age

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Students in general respond to teachers’ call by pronouncing ‘yes sir or yes madam’ in schools around the world.  But students in Indian state of Gujarat will say ‘Jai Hind’ or ‘Jai Bharat’ during roll call instead of the most commonly used phrase.

The state education department has issued a circular to this effect, making it mandatory for school students. A government resolution on the mandate was also released by the department on December 31, 2018.

Officials of the state education department said the authority had taken the move to promote patriotism among students from an early age. “When I was a student, it was compulsory for me and other students to confirm attendance by saying Jai Hind/ Jai Bharat.

The practice was later discontinued. We have taken a decision to resume the practice from Tuesday onwards,” said Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, the state education minister.

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‘A student says yes sir/ yes madam at least 10,000 times during their schooling. If they replace this with Jai Hind/ Jay Bharat, it will harbor sentiments of patriotism among them,’ he added.

The notification says, ‘District education officers (DEO) are supposed to ensure that the circular is strictly implemented across all the government, grant-in-aid and self-financed schools.’

During the 64th national convention of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in Ahmedabad, the recipient of Professor Yashwantrai Kelkar Award, Sandeep Joshi, a schoolteacher based in Jhalor, Rajasthan, said, ‘we implemented this practice in our school as a pilot project. However, it later got extrapolated to being implemented across Rajasthan.’

Chudasama was also present at the ABVP convention, when Joshi shared this. When asked if the Rajasthan Model is being followed in Gujarat, he said, “There is no harm in adopting best practices in education that are implemented in other parts of the country”.

What does Jai Hind mean?

The phrase ‘Jai Hind’ means ‘Victory to India’, a political slogan and a form of greeting in Hindi.

Who gave the slogan Jai Hind in India?

According to the Wikipedia, in 1907, Champakaraman Pillai coined the term “Jai Hind”, which was adopted as slogan of the Indian National Army in the 1940s at the suggestion of Abid Hasan. After the independence of India, it emerged as a national slogan.

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