Mission English : Meanings Of ‘Corroborate’ & ‘Vanquish’

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Learning anything new is a continuous process and so is learning English. As part of our campaign ‘Mission English’, today we have provided meanings & usages of ‘Vanquish’ & ‘Corroborate’ : 

Meanings & Usages of ‘Vanquish’ : 

A. To defeat or overcome someone or something entirely. Look at the sentences below :

1. The World Health Organization has recently said that the world will not  vanquish the pandemic this year. (Meaning not possible to win over the pandemic fully by this year). 

2. The government can’t vanquish corruption on its own.

Synonyms : Conquer, gain control.

Meanings & Usages Of ‘Corroborate’ : 

A. To confirm or give supports to something like a statement, theory or findings. See the examples below :

1. The CNN can’t corroborate the allegations of corruption by Hunter Biden.

2. The news needs to be corroborated independently before taking any actions against the suspected individuals.

3. Thousands of local individuals  corroborated atrocities by Pakistani forces against mass people during 1972 Independence War.

‎Synonyms : Confirm, Verify, Cross-check.

Final Words : If you want to get your learning of new words last long, then you have to practice them often with applications like making sentences with new words you just learnt. So keep practicing with us!

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