Bangabandhu Krirashebi Kalyan Foundation Sports Grants 2024 : Application Deadline March 1

Bangabandhu Krirashebi Kalyan Foundation (BKKF) invites applications online from concerned persons for Sports Allowance or Grants for financial year 2023-2024. Application deadline is 11:59 pm March 1, 2024.

The foundation falls under the banner of the Ministry of Sports & Youth, the government of Bangladesh.

The BKKF has been providing monthly financial assistance to distressed, injured and disabled athletes/sports-enthusiasts/philanthropists while also bearing any costs related to treatment since being established in 2011.

As per the circular, BKKF will provide monthly or one-time allowance or grants to the needy, sick, injured, disabled athletes/sportspersons and their family members.

BKKF Sports Allowance Application Process :

Interested persons must apply online through the following link :

In fact, first they will need to visit the above link, then go to ‘Grant Online Application’ menu or link and complete the registration with personal mobile number.

Notably, those who received the grants earlier can finish registration with old registration number & password or register anew and complete application.

However, who earlier received the ‘Bangabandhu Sports Education Scholarship’ are not eligible for application for the BKKF sports allowance or grants.

Application Period :

As mentioned above, online application process has begun from 10 am February 1. And the last date and time to apply is 11:59 pm March 1, 2024.

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Papers To Attach with Online Application Form :

Applicants will need to attach the following documents & information with the online Application Form :

  1. Passport size photograph and personal mobile number.
  2. Copy of NID or Birth Registration.
  3. Testimonial from concerned federation, applicable to both athletes and sports-philanthropists/sports-enthusiasts.
  4. Certificate or Testimonial related to annual income source and amount, issued from respective Union Parishad Chairman or concerned body.
  5. Sports-involvement Certificate issued from Zilla Sports Officer/Zilla Sports Organization or Federation and other sports-related Certificates where applicable.
  6. All certificates and documents must have attestation by first class gazette officer.

Bangabandhu Krirashebi Kalyan Foundation Website :

For details, aspirants can visit the following website of Bangabandhu Krirashebi Kalyan Foundation :

BKKF Sports Allowance/Grants Circular 2024 :

For additional information, interested persons will need to see the BKKF notice provided below :

Bangabandhu Krirashebi Kalyan Foundation Sports Allowance Circular 2024

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