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    Working Moms With Kids Are Highly Stressed

    New Study says

    Working Moms With Kids Are Highly Stressed

    Planet desk | 30 January 2019 | 4:40 pm

    You are a woman with two children and do a full time job? if yes, then u are likely to have higher stress level, says a new study. A group of researchers from University of Manchester and University of Essex carried out the study.
    Recently, the study findings has been published in the British Journal Sociology. The research was done involving about 6000 individuals. The researchers gathered infomation from different houses in the UK, considered working life, hormones, blood pressure and common stress stimulator.

    In the study, the researchers found that in full time working women with at least two children, chronic stress level was 40 per cent higher than those who have no children but still have a full time job. The stress level is lower in women with flexible work hours and two kids. It also said that even fathers with flexible working hours had low chronic stress levels.

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