Ways to Fulfill New Year’s Resolutions

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On the eve of a new year, every weary person tries to or makes some new resolutions to achieve in the new year. The resolutions or wishes vary from individual to individual. Some wish for better paying jobs, new relations, falling in love and some others for more profits in business, stable employment and so on. But does all turn out to be successful in achieving what they wish for? Not, not at all. As per several studies, only about 8 percent of us are able to fulfill their resolutions made for a new year. Then what are the reasons behind their failures in achieving what they wished for?

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According to Canadian-American inspirational public speaker and self-development author Brian Tracy, it’s the deficit of action as his one quote reads ‘the key to success is action.’ So in order to be successful in getting resolutions realized, one must need to have firm plans of actions. Here are a few of them which one can adopt :

1. First make a set of specific things (resolutions) you want to achieve in the year. They need to be in line with your professional and personal needs.
2. Then make a firm action plan for each thing or resolution to be completed.
3. Allocate or fix a period of time for each resolution to be accomplished. Or Provide a timetable for a set of things to be fulfilled.
4. In the middle of the year, assess what you have achieved and what haven’t. Then set the next course of action out of the prevailing situation.
5. Headwinds or problems may arise along the journey. But remain committed to your goals and be on the right track.
6. Do not sideline the financial need which is one of the most important requirements for achieving the wish list. If you have financial difficulties, then take steps to overcome them.
7. Finally, firmly stick to your targets and goals whatever situations come up on the journey.

To the end, whatever your resolutions are, there is no alternative to actions and proper plans for them to be achieved. Besides, you have to be firm and committed to fulfilling them despite all possible challenges and hurdles. Best wishes for the new year!

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