Try Some Phrases Common in English Conversation

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English is a very easy language if you can give time regularly in learning it. There are lots of areas which help someone learn the language properly. One of them is phrase of which your deep knowledge will surely show that you have got the skills needed to deliver English in well-organized manner. Followings are some common phrases used often in conversation.

A. Give someone the cold shoulder

Meanings : To intentionally ignore or treat someone in an unfriendly manner.

1. Always refrain from giving your colleagues the cold shoulder as this practice can backfire for your professional life.
2. The man I met last month at a conference and thought as a good person finally gave me the cold shoulder yesterday at another meeting.

B. In view of something

Meanings : This phrase is used to show the reason for a decision or action (because of something). See the examples below :

1. In view of Shakib Al Hasan’s breaching of ICC’s Anti Corruption Code, he has been banned from all kinds of cricket for two years by the organization.
2. In view of President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President requesting the country to open an investigation against his potential 2020 re-election rival Joe Biden, the House has decided to launch an impeachment inquiry against US President.
3. In view of severe flood last year, the government had to allocate more money for the help of farmers.
4. In view of his failure in two subjects, the school authority has decided not to allow him to move into the next class.

C. Deal with something

Meanings : to develop a way to manage or tackle someone or something. Look at the sentences below :

1. If your boss is a bad one, you have to deal with him.
2. The government has to deal with climate change.
3. The Hong Kong authority has to deal with the couple of months long violent protests for democracy.
4. Traffic situation in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, is very nagging. The condition has turned so worse that the city authority has to deal with it urgently.

D. Fiddle with something

Meanings : To handle or deal something. See the sentences below :

1. You have to fiddle with the moment just before the start of the exam.
2. The USA state California is used to witnessing lots of incidents of fire every year. So the state government needs to fiddle with it.
3. Gas cylinder blasts are quite frequent in Dhaka and other cities which the city authorities have to fiddle with.

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