Schools in China Fully Re-opened

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All schools in China, the most possible origin of the novel coronavirus, re-opened their doors to students on August 31, reports AP citing local authorities.

The communist nation has taken the decision following gradually steady improvement of the situation or almost elimination of the virus there.

Various measures are still in place to check any spread of the covid-19, the official name of the virus.

As per the report, roughly 25 percent of students still out of school in the country returned to classes on the day.

A majority of students had already got back to their schools in the wake of improvement of the condition created by the pandemic.

As schools are getting back to normalcy fully, preventive measures like mask wearing and social distancing are required by the students.

Not only schools, college or university undergraduate students are set to return to their campuses from next week.

On the other hand, Wuhan, Ground Zero for the pandemic, also reopened all its schools and kindergartens from September 1, reports Reuters quoting local government.

As per an announcement by the local authority, as many as 2,842 educational institutions across the city are set to open their doors to almost 1.4 million students from the date when the autumn semester gets underway.

To note, Wuhan University of which lots of debates happened over the origin of the virus reopened back on August 24.

The announcement also states that the city authority has drawn up emergency plans to switch back to online teaching if existing situation related to the virus turns bad or risk levels change.

The authority advised students to wear masks to and from school and avoid public transportation if possible.

Mainland China has so far reported just over 91k confirmed cases of infections by the virus. The death toll from the respiratory illness there is now at least 4,634.

But the capital city of Wuhan in central Hubei province is the worst hit by the pandemic compared to any other parts in the mainland. The city alone logged as many as 3,869 deaths which is more than 80 percent of China’s total figure.

Wuhan was locked down for more than two months since late January. The city has been steadily returning to normal since early April when the lockdown was lifted as the corona situation got better.

There has not been any new local transmissions of the virus in the city of 11.08 million since May 18.

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