STUDENTS Who Can Maintain EMOTIONS WELL Perform Better Academically

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There is no debate that intelligence or being smart and hard work are the two most important things for getting success in life. But for success at schools, these two are not enough. According to a new study, being able to manage emotion well is also vital for better academic performance.

The research is conducted by a group of researchers at the University of New South Wales, Australia. The findings of it are published in the journal Psychological Bulletin. The study is done based on information from more than 160 studies carried out involving over 42,000 students from around the world. Majority of the students (76 percent) were from English-speaking countries and in the age group from pre-teen to college.

The study finds that Emotional intelligence (EQ)— the ability to understand & control one’s feelings or emotions—has links to better performance at schools in children and teens. That means, students, irrespective of their age, who are better at managing their emotions do better academically and get higher grades in exams.

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On the study, lead researcher Dr Carolyn MacCann said, ‘although we know that high intelligence and a conscientious personality are the most important psychological traits necessary for academic success, our research highlights a third factor, emotional intelligence, that may also help students succeed.

He added, ‘it’s not enough to be smart and hardworking. Students must also be able to understand and manage their emotions to succeed at school.’ Source : Mail Online

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