Common English Phrases : How To Apply Them

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Phrase is an integral part when it comes to learn English properly and fully. If one wants to have good command over the language, then there is no alternative to gaining knowledge over it. But having knowledge about how to use them is also equally vital. So along side learning the meanings, you must know their usages as well.

So let us have a look at how some frequently used phrases provided below are applied in Sentences :

A. Thrash Something Out :  

What It Means : 1. To talk about (something) in order to make a decision, find a solution, etc.  

Examples : See the Examples Below :
1. Online lessons amid the pandemic have been a challenge. Let us thrash this issue out (means let us have a discussion and solve it).
2. Different agencies of the government are at odds now over the implementation of vaccination against Covid-19. So they are trying to thrash its out.

B. In Pursuit of Something :
What It Means : In order to achieve (something). Look at the sentences below :
1. The new administration in the USA under the leadership of President Joe Biden is in pursuit of an unprecedented breakthrough in terms of the pandemic involving new coronavirus.
2. Each and every single person in the world is in pursuit of achieving success and wealth as much as possible.
3. Every student in Bangladesh now is in pursuit of just getting good academic results which is destroying the true taste of education.
4. Politicians do not hesitate to do anything in pursuit of wealth and fame.

C. Do Away with Something :
What It Means : To Get Rid of Something or Stop Using Something. See the examples below :
1. The Republican Party in the USA is desperate now to do away with the damaging legacy of former President Donald Trump.
2. Mobile phone has enabled us in general to do away with wrist watches over time.

D. Pave The Way For (Something or Someone) :
What It Means : To Make It Easier For (something to happen or someone to do something). See the sentences below :
1. The passage of amendment bill in Parliament to Secondary and Higher Secondary Ordinance 1972 in the country has paved the way for publication of HSC 2020 results without holding the exams.
2. A host of breakthrough scientific inventions has paved the way for cure to lots of chronic diseases across the world.
3. The development of vaccines has paved the way for governments across the globe to deal with the pandemic.

E. Hash over Something :
What It Means : To Discuss or Talk About (something) . Read the examples below :
1. The authority is seriously hashing over the reopening of all educational institutions remained shut since March last year.
2. The authorities concerned have finally hashed over the uniform method of holding university admission test and found a solution.

It should be noted that knowing or learning the meanings of phrases is not enough. One should also need to have deep understanding on the usages of them which carries equal importance. So focus on usages of anything relevant when it comes to learning English. Good Luck! 

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