German DAAD MIPLC Scholarships 2022 for International Students

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Applications for German DAAD MIPLC Scholarships 2022 are now open from international students of developing countries . The last date to apply is this October 15, 2021.

The scholarships provide selected professionals with the opportunity to do one or two years’ post-graduate programs in Germany.

DAAD MIPLC Scholarships Application Link :

Interested persons need to make application for the German DAAD MIPLC scholarships through the following link at :

From among the large number of postgraduate courses offered by German institutions of higher education, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports a carefully chosen selection of programs of particular interest to junior executives from developing countries.

The courses provide young professionals in leading positions from developing countries with the opportunity to engage in postgraduate education in their particular field or profession.

The courses are open to all eligible candidates. Applications are welcome from professionals with personal financial resources, from those who are funded by their government or company, or from those who are recipients of financial support from international sponsoring organizations.

In addition, a limited number of full DAAD scholarships are available. The DAAD only awards these scholarships for postgraduate courses supported in this funding program.

Eligibilities For German DAAD MIPLC Scholarships :

Aspirants should meet the following conditions to be eligible for application for German DAAD MIPLC Scholarships 2022 :

  1. Being from a developing country (according to the OECD DAC list) and have not been living outside home country (or another developing country) for more than the past two years.
  2. Holding at least a four-year Bachelor’s degree or a three-year Bachelor’s degree plus a further degree), completed with average results mentioned in the story.
  3. Having received latest degree no more than six years before application.
  4. Having at least two years of full-time professional experience gained in a public authority or a state or private company in a developing country. To meet this requirement, it is sufficient if you have completed the two years by February of the year in which you intend to start your studies at MIPLC. Scientific university staff and academics are not the core target group of this program and are therefore considered only in exceptional cases.

German DAAD MIPLC Scholarship Benefits :

The scholarship recipients will get the following advantages :

  1. A full MIPLC fee waiver.
  2. A monthly stipend of EUR 850.
  3. Payments towards health, accident and liability insurance coverage in Germany.
  4. A travel allowance, unless these costs are covered by the home country or by another funding source.
  5. A study and research allowance.
  6. A mandatory two-month German course before the start of the MIPLC LL.M. program (August and September, in Munich or another German city).
  7. Since the DAAD scholarship includes a full fee waiver, one must apply simultaneously for MIPLC financial assistance.

Application Procedure : People meeting the above requirements must follow the below seven steps while applying for the German DAAD MIPLC scholarships :

Step 1 : Download and Read the DAAD Program Brochure.
Step 2 : Check Your Eligibility.
Determine whether you are eligible for the scholarship by DAAD and MIPLC standards, keeping in mind that where MIPLC and DAAD requirements differ, the stricter requirement prevails.
Step 3 : Apply for Admission to the MIPLC.
Step 4 : Apply for MIPLC Financial Assistance.
Step 5 : Complete the DAAD Scholarship Application Form.
Step 6 : Make Sure Your File is Complete.

The files one should fill-up include the followings :

  1. The MIPLC application form for admission.
  2. The MIPLC application form for financial assistance.
  3. The DAAD application form for the scholarship.
  4. The documents are required by each form.
  5. Please use the checklist to make sure your application is complete.

One should also note that the DAAD is very strict, in particular regarding the requirement that letters of recommendation and proof of your professional experience be printed on official stationery, stamped and signed.

Step 7 : Submit Your Application.

Official Link : For more German DAAD MIPLC Scholarships 2022, one needs to visit the following website at :

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