Coronavirus Pandemic : USA Death Toll Crosses 51k


The death toll from the novel coronavirus in the USA has crossed the mark of 50k as there are now at least 51,017 deaths in the country, according to  the latest tally from Johns Hopkins University (JHU). The country has now at least 890,524 cases as of April 24 local time.

On Friday, JHU had 21,579 new reported cases and 1,130 more deaths in the country.

In the USA, New York state is the hardest and worst hit as the state alone has about 265,000 cases including 16,162 deaths to date. According to state governor Andrew Cuomo, there are now at least 422 deaths reported on April 23 alone, a bit down from 438 the day earlier.

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Globally the virus, officially known as Covid-19, has claimed lives of at least 1,95,000 people and at least 2,737,000 cases of infections. Source : CNN

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