Cadet College Admission Test Preparation : Simple But Tricky Spellings

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Spelling is an important part of English syllabus for Cadet College admission test for year 2024. If you practice them regularly, then they are simple. But lots of tricky spellings are there as well!

What is Spelling?

According to Collins Dictionary, Spelling is the ability to spell or write words in the correct way or correctly. It is also an attempt to spell a word in the correct way.

Most Commonly Misspelled Words In English :

A : absence, acceptable, accessible, accommodation, accomplish, achievement, acquire, address, advertisement, advice (noun), advise (verb), amateur, apartment, appearance, argument, athletic, attendance.

B : basically, beginning, believe (verb), beneficial, business.

C : calendar, campaign, category, cemetery, challenge, characteristic, cigarette, clothes, column, committee, commitment, completely, condemn, conscience, conscientious, conscious, controversy, convenient, correspondence, criticism.

D : deceive, definitely, definition, department, describe, despair, desperate, development, difference, disappointed, discipline, disease.

E : embarrass, encouragement, environment, especially, exaggerate, excellent.

F :  familiar, financial, foreigner.

G : generally, genius, grammar, grateful, guarantee, guidance.

H : happily, height, heroes, humorous, hypocrite.

I : ideally, imaginary, immediate, influential, insurance, intelligent, interference, interrupt.

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J : jealous, jealousy.

K : kneel, knowledge.

L : legitimate, lightning, loneliness, luxurious.

M :  maintenance, manageable, manufacture, marriage, married, millionaire, misspell, mischievous, mortgage, muscle, mysterious.

N : naturally, necessary, neighbor/neighbour, ninety, noticeable, nowadays.

Note : The spelling ‘neighbour’ is usually used in British English while the word ‘neighbor’ is most commonly used in American English. So both are the correct.

O : obedient, obstacle, occasional, occurred, official, opportunity, opposition, originally.

P : particular, peculiar, performance, permanent, personal, personnel, physical, physician, pleasant, possession, possibility, potatoes, practically, privilege, professor, professional

pronounce/pronunciation, psychology, psychological.

Q : questionnaire, queue, quizzes.

R : realistic, religious, representative, restaurant, rhythm, ridiculous.

S : sacrifice, scenery, schedule, separate, suspicious.

T : technique, temperature, undoubtedly, unforgettable, unique, until.

V : valuable, village.

Y :  yacht (a medium-sized sailing boat equipped for cruising or racing).

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50 Hardest Words To Spell :

  1. necessary
  2. narcissistic
  3. occasion
  4. hapless
  5. hegemony
  6. accommodate
  7. vacuum
  8. accessory
  9. requisition
  10. quandary
  11. philanthropic
  12. penchant
  13. interlocutor
  14. broccoli
  15. Largesse
  16. spaghetti
  17. embarrass
  18. bourbon
  19. equivocal
  20. charcuterie
  21. entrepreneur
  22. liaison
  23. dearth
  24. epitome
  25. asthma
  26. indict
  27. assiduous
  28. ambivalent
  29. paradigm
  30. pneumonia
  31. antiseptic
  32. rhythm
  33. arbitrary
  34. circumvent
  35. nauseous
  36. conscious
  37. embezzlement
  38. commensurate
  39. separate
  40. lightning
  41. empirical
  42. promulgate
  43. ubiquitous
  44. constituent
  45. contentious
  46. demagogue
  47. divisive
  48. exacerbate
  49. extraneous
  50. Diarrhoea
  51. Colonel
  52. Lieutenant

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Final Notes For Admission Aspirants :

All the above spellings are really simple. But when you sit for an exam, these simple words will surely appear to you puzzling and complex among quite similar options. So practice is the key to overcoming this challenge. Best Luck for you all!


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