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    US Corona Latest : Cases Top Million, Death Toll 57k

    The number of cases of novel coronavirus in the USA crossed one million mark with more 57k deaths. Pic : collected

    Global Toll Crosses 213K

    US Corona Latest : Cases Top Million, Death Toll 57k

    Planet Desk | 29 April 2020 | 1:32 am

    The number of novel coronavirus cases in the USA has crossed one million mark as there are now at least 1,002,498 confirmed cases in the country, according to Johns Hopkins University. The death toll in the country continues to rise with at least 57,266 deaths being recorded till 4 pm. ET 4 April 28.

    As per the university, the USA reached cases half a million mark on April 10. So just 17 days apart, the cases now there have surpassed 1 million mark.

    In the USA, New York City has been the hardest hit as the city alone has confirmed at least 11,820 deaths and 5,395 probable deaths, according to the city website. So the total number of confirmed coronavirus deaths and probable coronavirus deaths in New York City is now at least 17,215.

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    There have been 157,713 coronavirus cases in the city and approximately 40,578 people have been hospitalized, according to the city.

    Meantime, Italy has topped 200,000 virus cases. As per the country’s Civil Protection Agency, there are now about 201,505 cases and at least 27,359 fatalities in the country till April 28.

    Globally the virus has infected now more than 3,083,000 including 213,824 deaths while the virus pandemic is far from over, according to the University and the World Health Organization respectively. Source : CNN

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