Risk of Social Media Addiction

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For most of us, particularly young generation and the age group between 25-35, it has been quite difficult to lead life without social media. But excess of it has multiple risks also.

Arguably there are lots of benefits coming from so called (be) social media. But it has got negative sides as well. Many studies have proved that excessive and careless use of it has negative and dangerous impacts on mental health.

Social media has not only made the connection between people stronger but has also made them addicted to its usage. Regular scrolling and staying continuously on any social media platform can make a person isolated and unhappy.

Undoubtedly social media has made the connection among people stronger. It has affected our daily life pattern positively in many ways but negatively at the same time also. Then let’s discuss the ways social media having dangers to our mental health.

Self-esteem : Social media plays a very crucial role in damaging your self-esteem. As we all are well aware that everyone has a fair share of insecurities and weakness, which they do not discuss openly and keep it to themselves. Constantly scrolling Instagram or Facebook feed and comparing yourself with other person’s perfectly filtered picture can lead to self-doubt.

Human Connection : With the growth of the digital era, people are losing the human connection. Nowadays everyone is so engrossed in the rectangular screen, that they pay less attention to the person sitting next to them. They forget to communicate with the person present around them and are focus more on their gadgets.

Sleep disruption : Sound sleep is essential for sound health and mind. Being an important element of our daily life, smartphone makes our life easier and pro-connective. But glued onto it just before sleep browsing social media is disrupting our sleep pattern. Keeping on scrolling across screens just before hitting the sack (going to sleep) makes it harder for us to get sound sleep.

Furthermore, according to specialist, the bright light of the cell phone suppresses the release of the sleep-wake regulating melatonin, causing hampers to nice sleep. As cell phone now is mainly used to perform social media duty, one should refrain from using it at least at deep night for the sake of getting a proper sleep. That’s more true for students.

Attention : We come across a lot of information while scrolling down the social media, but it is also responsible for distracting a person. Those who are addicted to social media constantly stay on screens, disrupting their attention to anything else. Regarding attention to study, it is also true for the students who excessively go on social platforms.

Mental Health Conditions : To know whether or not social platforms having any impacts on our mental health, many research have been carried out so far. Most of them have come up with the findings that excessive use of social media surely carries the risk of having negative effects on our mental wellbeing. As per findings, senseless use of it is responsible for the development of various mental conditions like anxiety, depression.

As a social connection tool, social media platforms for sure are playing positive role in building and maintaining strong connection among people. To maintain that, we should not cross a certain limit in terms of its use level. Thereby we can reap all benefits from social media. At the same time, we should remain alert of the risks it can pose to our life.

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