NZ Prime Minister Taking 20% PAY CUT over CORONA

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and other ministers in her Cabinet have decided to take a pay cut for the next six month in the wake of the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Ardern has announced this at a press conference April 15, adding that their decision would help save some money for the government.

The novel coronavirus is causing serious havocs across the world as economies around the world are being heavily affected by the ongoing pandemic caused by the virus.

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The Prime Minister announced, ‘Today, I can confirm that myself and government ministers and public service chief executives will take a 20% pay cut for the next 6 months, as we acknowledge New Zealanders who are reliant on wage subsidies, taking pay cuts, and losing their jobs as a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic.’

According to Worldometer, there are now at least 1,386 cases of corona infections including 9 deaths in New Zealand. Source : CNN

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