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    Manners That Children Must Know

    Manners That Children Must Know

    Planet Desk | 19 April 2019 | 1:09 am

    Every parent wants his or her children grow up in a right way. For that they try to do everything necessary. But in doing that, they should keep in mind that they should focus on each thing equally, instead of putting priority on certain ones. They should try to imbibe good values into their little ones. Followings are the manners that parents must teach their kids to follow throughout their lives.
    Please : teach your kids to say every time when they want someone to do something for them.
    Thank you : Your kid should know this manner to say when someone does something for him or her.
    Refrain from interrupting when adults are talking : children should be taught that when adults are talking or discussing about something, they must remain quiet. Teach them to wait until their turn arrives. Otherwise lack of this manner among children will be boring for others.
    Excuse me for drawing attention : teach them that when they are trying to have someone’s attention, they must always say this phrase ‘excuse me’.
    Refrain from publicly showing negative emotions : Get your kids that when they are in bad or foul mood they should not show it publicly. Try to get them understand that expressing negative emotions in public is not right.
    Do not make comments on other people’s appearance : your child should know that they must not make comments on someone else’s appearance like their weight, height, color, look etc. Doing so is totally unacceptable.
    Expressing greetings : Tell your kids that whenever they see or meet someone known to them, they should say certain greetings like hi, hello, good morning etc. that fit the situation or context.
    Knock on doors before entering : Teach your kids that whenever they see or come across a door closed or shut, they must not directly walk into the room. Rather they first knock on the door, wait for a response and then enter upon response from the other end. Knocking on the door is a polite manner.
    Never use bad language : Your child must be taught not to use bad language with anyone known or unknown. Using foul words is unacceptable and unpleasant.
    Do not bully or cause harms to others : Your children should be learnt not to intimidate or try to cause harms to others in any way.
    Enjoy your time : sometimes it is necessary for us to spend time alone. That is true for children also. Tell them to enjoy some time on their own.
    Hold the door open for the person following : Kids learn from what their parents are doing in daily life. Teach your kids this manner too and tell his or her to practice when the situation appears.

    Helping others : Teach your son or daughter that helping others, particularly elder people, is a good act. Also teach them that they should not ask for return or rewards for their assistance.
    Do not make noise while eating : Get your kid to learn to eat slowly as well as noiselessly. Making noise while eating appears to be annoying for others.
    Do not pick your nose in public : Your kids should know the manner not to pick their nose (removing dirt or mucus from inside the nose using finger)) publicly. It’s not a good act to do in public. Source : Times of India

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