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    Planet desk | 25 February 2019 | 9:40 am

    You already know from our previous articles that there are mainly 5 types of questions plus Negative Question. Of them, one is special or wh or 5-w questions that are formed with question words who, what, when, where, why. In this type of question, we would like to get specific information. First, read the following dialogue between A & B where 5-Ws have been used before listening to the video :
    A : Excuse me, who are you?
    B : I am Chowdhury Jamal Uddin from Khulna.
    A : Oh! That’s good as I am also from that region. Then what do you do in Dhaka Mr. Chowdhury?
    B : I am a private job holder or doing a private job. I am in the corporate sector.
    A : Fine. If you do not mind, I would like to ask the question, when have you joined the job?
    B : Well, that’s been just two years now. My current job is fantastic as the environment is very friendly and career-oriented.
    A : That’s fine. Then Where is your office here in the city?

    B : It’s in Uttara. It takes me usually half an hour to get to the office from my residence in Mirpur.
    A : There’s not that much distance in between. Well, do you enjoy your current job? Then why?
    B : Why not? First, I get a handsome salary from the job. Secondly as mentioned earlier that the work environment is very very lovely. So I really enjoy it.
    A : Then how much do you earn a month?
    B : Well, the salary is about taka one lakh per month.
    A : Is it? Really good! Hope to come across each other in the future.

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